Best Christmas Present Idea

Cindy's Siesta

I wanted to share this idea in case anyone else wants to do it. For Christmas I got my nephews each a bible that I thought they could relate to – an illustrated children’s one for 6-year-old Carsen, and an comic-book style Action Bible for 11-year-old Kaden.

Here is the key – I got them a few weeks ago P1090077 and have been reading through them and writing notes throughout them right on the pages. Writing things like what I think of something, questions about what they would do in that situation, questions or comments about what the passages say about God, or even just funny comments. I am hoping that as they read them, my notes will help them engage by dialoging with me and God, so they will learn to seek God in His Word.

I hope that they will start to search each page for messages written…

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Bring IT Radio

UPDATE: Here is the free Verse Exercise Sheet that we mentioned on the show. Just pick a verse and start walking it out – leave the results up to God!

Blessings! 🙂

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Today Michele will be a guest on Bring IT Radio, a Christian talk show running fortnightly on the internet-broadcast FIsh Bowl Radio Network. cropped-Website-Banner-Logo1

Click on the player link below to join in the conversation about how imprinting God’s Word in your heart and mind can radically transform your life and bring you to new levels of intimacy with Christ.

Ready to power-boost your spiritual life? Tune in today, Wednesday, April 12th, from 11am-1pm CST (12p-2p EST):

Click HERE to open Fish Bowl Player  logo

See you there! 🙂


How well would your phone work if you only plugged it in to charge on Sunday mornings? Depending upon your activity level, it would probably be useless by Tuesday.

And how well would your body work if you only ate food on Sunday mornings? Or maybe even added two meals in during the week and a snack on Saturday? That still does not sound like quite enough to give you energy through the entire week.

So it is with your soul. We cannot simply go to church once a week and expect that to sustain us. Bible study, small groups, and other activities during the week help but they are not enough either.

To truly feed your soul the life-giving nourishment it needs, you must spend time with God every day. And even when we meet with God each morning, how do we continue that communion throughout the day?

When you spend time imprinting God’s Word in your heart and mind, you carry it with you. After you close your Bible and rush into your day, God can bring those verses to your remembrance at any time, day or night. Then you can have a conversationP1070445 with Him about what He is saying to you through those verses as you are driving, walking, or even sleeping.

That constant communion with God is where we were designed to live. Being continually connected to God by keeping His Word with you inside is like having a constant charge to your soul. No matter what happens that day, He will provide the grace and strength to face it and you will never shut down due to a lack of power.

Stay plugged in. Take just a few minutes every morning to concentrate on God’s Word and memorize a verse or phrase, and you will soon see the difference in your life.

OM Rewind

Good News! If you missed our recent Open Mic broadcast, here is your second chance. We had a grand time talking about the importance and innumerable blessings of imprinting God’s Word in your heart and mind.

And now, you can listen to the recording online! 🙂 I am not sure how long the message will be available, so listen to it soon!

Just click on the image below to tune in to our discussion. Phone lines are obviously closed, but if you have a question feel free to comment here. Enjoy!

Open Mic

Open Mic Night Wrap

Friday night is Open Mic Night on WMHR, a Christian radio station in Syracuse, NY.

Last week Michele Miner was the special guest on the live call-in program hosted by Dan Dunn. The discussion centered on the importance of memorizing God’s Word and the principles taught in Michele’s book The Word Of God: Unleashing The Power Of Scripture Memorization.


The show went well and a number of people called in with questions or comments. Reverend Robert Foote, from Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca, NY also joined in by phone for a time to give a pastor’s perspective on this important topic.

Do you want that peace that passes understanding? Do you want to know God’s will for your life? Do you want to know God Himself more intimately? All these and infinitely more benefits are found by seeking God through HIs Word.

While this specific program will not be re-broadcasted, you can still find all the information you need in the comprehensive guide The Word Of God: Unleashing The Power Of Scripture Memorization. Get your copy today and launch your spiritual life to a new level!

Open Mic Night

Friday night is Open Mic Night on WMHR, a Christian radio station in Syracuse, NY.

This week WMHR’s Dan Dunn will host a live call-in discussion about the importance of memorizing God’s Word, with special guest Michele Miner, author of The Word Of God: Unleashing The Power Of Scripture Memorization.


Imprinting God’s Word on your heart and mind is THE BEST THING you can do for your spiritual walk. You probably already know more Scripture than you realize. Every Christian can and should incorporate this discipline into their daily life, because abundant blessings will flow from it.

Do you want that peace that passes understanding? Do you want to know God’s will for your life? Do you want to know God Himself more intimately? All these and infinitely more benefits are found by seeking God through HIs Word.

Do you have a story about a time when God showed His presence and/or power through His Word implanted in you? Do you have questions about why or how to memorize? Call in during the show to share your story or ask your question.

Tune in this Friday night at 8pm EST! Those outside the Syracuse area can listen to the Live Stream. See the Mars Hill Network website for more info.


When I considered whether to publish this post on my personal blog or ministry site, I decided both, because it is a good story, and it is fundamental to my calling. So here goes…

A few weeks ago, I taught a workshop at a LEAH conference in Rochester, NY. LEAH is a fantastic Christian organization that helps equip, train, and encourage homeschooling parents. While I have taught in small groups and classes, this was my first time on a larger platform.

I was speaking on Scripture memorization, using principles from my book with special emphasis on how to make ingesting God’s Word fun and inviting for children.

*-Teaching on memorizing – note that point, it is important later. 😉

So, I arrive at the conference center and find a nice corner spot in the parking garage. I deliberately stopped to note the floor indicator sign and even said it out loud. Then I headed in and delivered my presentation – on memorizing.

Immediately afterwards, I went to drop my belongings off at my truck before heading out to dinner with friends. I was still shaken from a nasty spiritual attack that hit just before I spoke, but was feeling grateful that God made things go pretty well.

Let the lesson begin…

I got out of the parking garage elevator at Level 3, just as I remember reciting. I turn, and… deserted_parking_garage_IMG_7375-712834

No truck.


It was level 3, was it not?

Ummm, apparently not, because my truck is not here.

The biblical resonance quickly occurred to me. Oh, good one, God, teaching me to be humble, and that it is not by my strength or memory but only by yours. Got it. Sure, that’s funny.

Then I remembered my mistake. It was Level 5, not 3, right, that is it. Back in the elevator. Pushed the 5 button. Exit the elevator, and… 2008_06_04_-_Russett_-_Concord_Park_parking_garage_2

No truck.

Wait, what???

No… but… it was…

Now I am completely at a loss. Whatever number I stared at and spoke aloud when trying to put this data into my memory just a few hours earlier had vanished without a trace. I could feel myself searching frantically through my mental filing cabinet only to discover an empty spot where that memory should be.

I’ve got nothing.

Completely dumbfounded, I began questioning everything <insert Twilight Zone music here>.

I did drive here, right? I know I left my truck in this nice corner spot… Or did I? … Where am I? … Is that floor of the parking garage missing? No, it must be here. It simply must.

And yet it is not.

After a few moments of unbelief and denial, I resigned to the fact that my eyes were not lying to me and my truck was indeed not on this floor. But if not here, where?

Not. A. Clue.

I seriously wondered if God removed that entire floor to teach me a lesson. Not 30 minutes ago I publicly taught on remembering, and now I cannot remember where my truck is. How ironic, hilarious, humbling, and classic is that?

I was now in a state of total helplessness. Okay, God, message received. I got it. I will never, never, ever take credit for anything you do through me because this is obviously not my skill making it happen.

Figuring God was messing with me and hoping that He would now re-insert the level of the parking garage where I left my truck back into the structure, I decided to try level 6, even though it did not sound the least bit familiar.

Get out of the elevator, eureka! There it was. Level 6.

Not in a million years would I have guessed that.

Okay well maybe within a few hours because there were only so many floors in the garage. But at that moment, it was as foreign as if I had never heard of the number 6 before in my life.

Granted, I do have PTSD, which results in memory problems, and I was tired and shaken after enduring spiritual warfare. Yet you cannot escape the classic irony of this situation.

Therefore, I humbly offer my public confession that any and all good that comes from my book or my efforts to spread the word about the dire importance of imprinting God’s Word in our hearts and minds, it is only by God’s grace and strength, so all glory be solely to Him.

My flesh and my heart <and my memory> may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Ps 73