Some people feel intimidated at the concept of memorizing Scripture. Studying and memorizing God’s Word is supposed to be inviting, not intimidating.

The difference lies in the reason. If we were to memorize simply for the sake of gaining knowledge to pass a test or to striving to earn divine gold stars by mimicking one new verse a week, that is legalism. That would understandably be intimidating because of the inherent expectations or consequences of falling short.

But that is not what God wants.

Why does God want us to imprint His Word in our hearts and minds?

Because He wants us to know Him.

God reveals Himself through His Word, and the more time we spend in study, meditation, prayer, and worship, the more we will come to know Him. As we seek God through His Word, we can have conversations with Him, and as we actively try to memorize particular verses that speak to us in that season, the conversation with God can continue when we are away from our Bible because we take the Word with us wherever we go.

That is what God wants – that unceasing communion with us. Therefore, we should not be intimidated by a legalistic bar set at a given level. Instead we should be honored and excited that the Creator of the universe wants to sit and chat with us.

That is all. No expectations, no condemnation, just grace, peace, and love that will transform your life.

Won’t you pull up a chair and sit a spell?