How well would your phone work if you only plugged it in to charge on Sunday mornings? Depending upon your activity level, it would probably be useless by Tuesday.

And how well would your body work if you only ate food on Sunday mornings? Or maybe even added two meals in during the week and a snack on Saturday? That still does not sound like quite enough to give you energy through the entire week.

So it is with your soul. We cannot simply go to church once a week and expect that to sustain us. Bible study, small groups, and other activities during the week help but they are not enough either.

To truly feed your soul the life-giving nourishment it needs, you must spend time with God every day. And even when we meet with God each morning, how do we continue that communion throughout the day?

When you spend time imprinting God’s Word in your heart and mind, you carry it with you. After you close your Bible and rush into your day, God can bring those verses to your remembrance at any time, day or night. Then you can have a conversationP1070445 with Him about what He is saying to you through those verses as you are driving, walking, or even sleeping.

That constant communion with God is where we were designed to live. Being continually connected to God by keeping His Word with you inside is like having a constant charge to your soul. No matter what happens that day, He will provide the grace and strength to face it and you will never shut down due to a lack of power.

Stay plugged in. Take just a few minutes every morning to concentrate on God’s Word and memorize a verse or phrase, and you will soon see the difference in your life.


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  1. Kristi Longino

    Michele, I appreciated your article. Soooo true and so needed today. My daughter and I began memorizing the book of James this school year. 3 verses a week for 36 weeks works out perfectly. Thanks. Kristi

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