Best Christmas Present Idea

Cindy's Siesta

I wanted to share this idea in case anyone else wants to do it. For Christmas I got my nephews each a bible that I thought they could relate to – an illustrated children’s one for 6-year-old Carsen, and an comic-book style Action Bible for 11-year-old Kaden.

Here is the key – I got them a few weeks ago P1090077 and have been reading through them and writing notes throughout them right on the pages. Writing things like what I think of something, questions about what they would do in that situation, questions or comments about what the passages say about God, or even just funny comments. I am hoping that as they read them, my notes will help them engage by dialoging with me and God, so they will learn to seek God in His Word.

I hope that they will start to search each page for messages written…

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