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Dr. John A. Martin, President, Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary: “Michele is very clear that the ultimate objective is to change one’s heart and life.  She has written more than an exceptionally practical how-to guide on the important topic of Scripture memorization. She also carefully explains, in a thought-provoking way, the rationale and motivation for believers to be involved in this practice. Her biblical and theological insights, practical suggestions, and thorough analysis of the reason for memorization are a welcome addition to any believer’s library.”

Eleanor, Memphis, TN: “Awesome book! This book drew me in with its message and I have read it now twice and I probably will not stop there! I was so motivated by this book that I purchased several to share with my Bible Study group so that they too could “Unleash the Power of Scripture Memorization.” I highly recommend this book for all Christians to read and then, most importantly, put it into practice. Blessings will follow!” 

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Studying and memorizing the Bible has completely changed author Michele Miner’s life. Through the process of spending time with God in His Word, He transformed Michele’s mind, healed her, and led her on an adventure of coming to know Him. In The Word of God, Michele shares her spiritual journey and provides insightful and practical steps and techniques to help others adopt a discipline of Scripture memorization rooted in a relationship with Jesus.

A comprehensive guide, The Word of God explores cover the aspects crucial to the memorization and meditation of the Bible: motivation, preparation, and application. It explains why believers should memorize Scripture and defines the biblical and theological rationale and analysis for the effort. It describes the spiritual component necessary to undertake the task and provides practical suggestions for successfully achieving the goal.

The Word of God communicates the importance of memorizing Scripture—to dig deeper into the important truth of God’s Word—for advancing the spiritual walk, finding healing and peace, warding off spiritual attacks, and growing in Christ.

Michele’s heartfelt prayer is that this work will motivate and equip you to begin a discipline of imprinting God’s Word on your heart and mind, and that you become thunderstruck not only at what God does, but at the revelation of who He is.

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